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Fundamental Science & Research

Bringing science to motion and motion to science.

You focus on the science. We focus on the motion. Together, we’ll hit your deliverables.


Our precision motion control systems bring the ultimate in accuracy and resolution to your micro- and nano-scale research, giving you a high degree of confidence in your results. With Aerotech as your partner, motion will never be a limiting factor.

Easy To Use

Easy to Use

Our software combines powerful industrial controls with an easy-to-use interface that flattens your learning curve. We also pre-configure and test your motion system, helping to get your research up and running faster.


From software to controls, our motion technology gives you the flexibility to change and adjust as your research and motion needs evolveall with minimal system integration. There’s no need to learn a new software interface simply to add a new motion axis to your system.


We’ll always measure up to your expectations.



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