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Move your product quality to the next level.

No one has more precision motion control expertise in metrology and testing applications than we do.


Your measurement system needs to be at least ten times more accurate than the part you’re measuring. Our precision motion control solutions help minimize measurement uncertainty and provide the accuracy and resolution you need for the job. You can be sure that your measurement results will meet your tightest specifications and your customers’ highest expectations.


Real-World Simulation

Using our products and software, we can easily build real-world testing systems that create and optimize your desired motion trajectories. Whether testing for vibration, force, fatigue or other parameters, our solutions give you confidence that your products will perform as intended.


Designed by our skilled engineers, our custom-built motion technologies meet your unique test and inspection needs. We provide components, complete subassemblies and integrated automation systems to scale with your business.

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Risk Reduction

We aren’t going anywhere, yet we’re everywhere. We’ve been serving the metrology and testing markets for 50 years, so our roots are deep and stable. And no matter where your facilities are located in the world, our precision motion experts are close by to provide timely service and support.

We’ll always measure up to your expectations.



Serving test and inspection applications


Accuracy of precision optics’ surface form measurement with our solutions


Linear motors for simulating high-force testing applications

Test & Inspection Applications Expertise

Motion Simulation & Material Testing

Metrology, Inspection & Microscopy

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Ready to take your product quality to the next level?

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