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Driving superior motion for industrial automation.

When your application demands ultra-precise positioning and high throughput, trust Aerotech’s motor expertise.

Choose Aerotech motors when you need high force, speed and precision in motion.

Rooted in 50 years of motor design and manufacturing expertise, Aerotech’s linear and rotary motors deliver rapid speed and high accuracy for industrial automation applications around the world.


Eliminate backlash, windup, wear and maintenance with our brushless, direct-drive linear motors. Rely on our brushless rotary motors when you need maximum torque and acceleration in a compact package.

Featured Product

BLMX linear motors are ideal for applications that demand ultimate force output.

Our BLMX series "U-channel" brushless linear servomotors offer the highest continuous output force. A nonmagnetic forcer eliminates cogging and magnetic attraction, enabling extremely smooth motion and very tight velocity and position control.


Trusted Technology

Our high-performance motors are used in all Aerotech motion products and industrial automation applications worldwide.



Order one motor or a few thousand – we can scale up to match your volume needs.


Size Variety

From compact motors for footprint-conscious machines to large, high-force output motors, we’ll fit your needs.

Customization is Our Specialty

Customization is Our Specialty

Aerotech is your premier provider for custom motors. Whether customizing a standard motor – features ranging from track length, winding and cooling options to magnet type, form factor and more can be configured – or designing an entirely new linear or rotary motor, we’ll meet your precise needs.

High Force, Smooth Motion

You don’t have to choose between high-force output and exceptionally smooth motion. Aerotech’s ironless and slotless motors are designed to deliver both, plus very tight velocity and position control.

High Force Smooth Motion

Selected Products

Turn your precision and automation challenges into process success.

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